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“Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave.”

      Green Well High School -established in the Year 1982….. nurtures a spirit that festers children's natural inquisitiveness and delight in learning. We provide each student an exciting and rigorous educational experience designed to help each student grow to become caring, thoughtful, principled, personally and socially well behaved human being. In recent years the Green Well High School has grown abundantly in its size and statures. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to ensure that purposeful educational training of high moral standard is imparted to our students to equip them to meet any challenge in career. To bring up the School comparably at par with Other Schools of repute, calls for wholehearted dedication on the part of students, staff members as well as everyone associated with School. 

      “There is no magic formulae for becoming a genius or scoring high grades but the formation of correct study habits will go a long way to guarantee the success.” Because I believe children are believed to be living jewels dropped from heaven. 'Awareness' is the main teaching; taught by our worthy teachers. Be it environment, social, economic, science, culture, or any other related subject; the students are closely monitored and given specific training on the concerned subject. You would see out students taking an active part in Red Cross, City Traffic, Top Cultural and Sports events, and various social related programs, in Patiala city as well as State level. 

      Overall the School excels in quality of Education and discipline. Children are taught YOGA, meditation, brotherhood and above all PATRIOTISM. This school is not just a six lettered word or built-up of bricks and cement, but a hard effort of 30 years which made a grand success through skilled methods and various tools to make this institute a genius. In this period it has produced the brilliant, well-behaved and professionally successful pupils. We are in the process of making our students like Bhagat Singh, APJ Kalam, Vivekananda, Kalpana Chawla and many more like them. With education we make their mind patriotic, strong and career oriented. The school building is being designed in square shape and covered with lush green trees, which reveals the value of eco-friendly environment; we always insist upon high and big aim-based education and all kind of curricular activities which can boost-up the energy level of each child.

      In the present era, we are all aware of high competition amongst children to combat it, we take special care through technical facilities and sagacious staff. My wishes and blessings for each child, may they come out in life by flying colors. I would like to add here the quote of SWAMI VIVEKANADA JI:

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in an 'Individual'.”



Mrs. Manju





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    Campus No. - +91-175-2227757

    Email : greenwellhighschool@ymail.com

    Website : www.greenwellhighschool